MZG table type machine with moveable crossbeam


Technical parameters:

Machine type : MZG
X travel mm 3000/4000/5000
Y travel mm 2000/3000
Z travel mm 1200/1500
W travel mm 1000/1500
Table clamping surface mm max. 3000×5000
power kW 30/40/50
Machine heads:
2 spindles head standard
C direction °deg 144X2.5° / 360X 1° / continuous
vertical spindle taper ISO 50 / HSK 100
horizontal spindle taper ISO 50 / HSK 100
max.spindle rpm 1/min 3500/5000
-5D head with motorspindle option
power max kW 60 KW
max RPM 1/min 20.000
Rapid feedrate on X m/min 20
Rapid feedrate on Y m/min 20
Rapid feadrate on Z m/min 20
Rapid feadrate W m/min 3
Controll unit Siemens / Heidenhain
Measuring system X,Y,Z,W,C,(A) Heidenhain
Tool changer option
Tool holders  pcs 50/100
crosshead option
Chip conveyor standard